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As a girl who used to play, I honestly agree. I can deal if you’re 100% educated of the sport and are like a super fan, but nothing less then that. Which goes for make and female.

So what you’re saying is that people who weren’t lucky enough to grow up with the money to play, or say, people with disability who aren’t physically able to play, or maybe
grew up in the goshdang desert just aren’t worthy of being fans? Yeah, okay.

This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. Sorry that when I was growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to play or wasn’t exposed to hockey until I was older. I’m sorry that somewhere some little girl in a run down part of a city doesn’t have the money to play or isn’t able to get a ride to practice. Sorry that a girl isn’t physically able to play because she’s permanently in a wheelchair. As females in the sports fandom in general, it’s tough for us to get acknowledged for actually liking the sport, not just the players. But especially in the hockey fandom. I feel bad for myself for actually believing that women should stick together, and not degrade their own gender based on their physical ability to play a sport.

(Source: hockeyfanconfessions)

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